has a main

Those who find it will be effortlessly stronger.
Their life will not be a struggle but self-fulfillment.
They will look for their values in themselves, not in the eyes of others.

The Personal

1. We are going to uncover what your main talent is.
2. We are going to outline what activities suit you the best.
3. We are going to remove all obstacles between you and your main talent.
4. I am going to be by your side during the process of self-actualization.

Research findings

What I can
help you with

To feel, to find words for, to express your true, special nature.
To discover what your main talent is, which lets you to be who you really are.
To find the work, school or hobby that fits you the best.


Márk IvánPaput

Since my childhood I have had a relentless drive in me that has helped me look for ways to lead a true, honest and sensible life. During fifteen years of spiritual, autognostic and psychological studies and my five years of work with Hellinger therapy a method has crystallized in me, with the help of which I can most directly and efficiently help those striving for a full, successful life.



Márk Iván Paput, (00 36) 30 543 30 33